What to potentially expect in our Winter Organic Boxes

Winter is the coldest season of the year, and fruit and vegetable will be a common sight in a wide assortment of meals. At the Farmer’s Box, you get all the fresh organic fruit and vegetable boxes in Formby delivered right to your door.

Our fruit and vegetables are grown by experienced farmers, and they are packed carefully for fast and efficient delivery. You won’t need to bother with trips to the supermarket anymore when you can get all your fruit and vegetables through our Organic Box service.

The fruit and vegetables available through our Winter Organic Box service also offer you something much better when compared to supermarket fruit and vegetables. They are 100% organic and offer a much richer taste.

They are also much higher in vitamins and minerals as well! You can enjoy our Organic Box service all year round. But in Winter we have some amazing fruit and vegetables for you to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at our amazing Winter Box!

Introducing Our Winter Box

Our wondrous Winter Box features your favourite fruits like apples, bananas, pears, and oranges. Alongside these, you’ll find a variety of great seasonal vegetables.

From favourites like carrots and potatoes to Winter classics like radish and parsnips, you’ll get everything you could want! Check out the list below to see all the great vegetables included in our Winter Organic Boxes.

· Sprouts

· Radish

· Onions

· Potatoes

· Carrots

· Beetroot

· Swede

· Pak Choi

· Parsnips

· Squash

· Leeks

You get everything you could need for a wide variety of different dishes! Whether it’s for a hearty Winter stew or a traditional Christmas Dinner with our organic box service, you’ll get the best fruit and vegetables delivered right to your door!

The Winter is always a hard time to get high-quality fruit and veg, but with our excellent Organic Box service, everything you could need is delivered right to you. The Farmers Box organic food and drink suppliers in Burscough.

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