Our Farm

Welcome to Lyncroft Farm

Here at Lyncroft Farm we have been organic for over 30 years and are registered with the Organic Food Federation. This means that we are inspected at least twice a year to ensure all standards are strictly adhered to.

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us and all our produce is grown and sold to very high quality natural standards. We are dedicated entirely to organic vegetable and fruit production on our 113 acres of land. We supply wholesale and retail markets and also, operate a local organic vegetable box delivery scheme, where we pride ourselves on our 24 hour turnaround. Fresh organic vegetables delivered direct to your door in Bootle, from field to table within 24 hours of harvest!

We produce all the organic vegetables at our Lyncroft Farm, based in Aughton, Lancashire.

At The Farmer’s Box, we are all about ensuring everyone gets the best organic produce they need! To ensure this, we don’t just offer a wide range of different fruits and vegetables. We also, ensure a fast and efficient delivery service.

There is a world of difference between organic produce that’s been made by experienced growers and the produce you’ll often find on supermarket shelves. So, let’s explore what our produce offers and what makes it so special!

First of all, much of our vegetables are harvested and delivered in just 12 hours. You will instantly be able to tell just how fresh our produce is. From the bright colour to the rich aroma, when you open your box, your senses will tingle.

Some of our produce is going to be so freshly-dug that it may even still have soil on it! You won’t even need to eat our produce. You’ll be able to tell at just a glance how fresh it is. But of course, you should eat it to fully appreciate how wondrous our fresh, organic produce is.

Our experienced growers carefully pack our vegetables to ensure all the best produce goes in the box. Our fruit is grown by Fair Traders, who we have carefully chosen to ensure everything meets our high standards.

Our amazing organic produce and professional, experienced farming helps ensure that we always produce safe, nutritious food. To find out more about our wide range of organic, healthy produce, explore our website or get in touch with The Farmer’s Box team directly. Organic food and drink suppliers Ormskirk.

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